(c) 2017

The Hand That Feeds You

Trump brand vodka, coffee liqueur, vanilla pudding, milked from a glove. I came across the vodka in a liquor store in Amenia, New York. They had one bottle left, and it was covered in dust. This was at the height of everyone's election fever, so I bought the vodka and made the cocktail.

Served at Slather's Barre and Grille in Wassaic, New York in the summer of 2016.


Compromise For Marinetti

The Italian Futurists hated pasta and hoped Mussolini would ban it. They believed it made men slow, bloated, and un-ready for combat. Better, they thought, to eat new foods, lighter foods, foods not encumbered by the useless tradition of "silverware." Better to eat with one's hands.

I was thinking about the Futurists when I made this dish, a black pasta salad eaten by hand with a glove and squeeze-bottle chardonnay pairing.

Served at Slather's Barre and Grille in Oakland in the spring of 2016.


The Emancipated Spectator

Gin w/ book page from The Emancipated Spectator